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Project Overview

In 2018, Metro began the process of reimagining their bus system to better meet the needs of current and future riders through the NextGen Bus Study. The goal of the  NextGen Bus Plan is to implement a new bus network that is more relevant, reflective of, and attractive to the residents of LA County.

Our full-service agency friends at The Glue asked Eclectic Electric to create and build-out a cloud infrastructure for Metro’s publicly accessible trip planning comparison tool that allows riders to compare travel times using the current bus system with the re-imagined NextGen plan.


Cloud Architecture and DevOps


  • Python Flask framework
  • Mongodb
  • Nginx
  • Node.js / React
  • Multimodal Open Trip Planner
  • GTFS Data Feeds

LA Metro’s NextGen Trip Planner required integrating several major components into an easy-to-use frontend user interface. Eclectic designed and built an AWS multi-server cloud infrastructure that included a custom CMS implementation, an open source trip planner, and a backend bus route API.

The Solution

Devops and Production Cloud Architecture

AWS cloud


Continuous deployment

24×7 monitoring

Software Stacks

Python Flask framework



Node.js / React

Transportation Software Stacks

Multimodal Open Trip Planner

GTFS Data Feeds

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