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About Eclectic Electric

When the Internet hit full stride in the early 2000s, businesses turned to open-source content management systems to establish their web presence. Eclectic combined the benefits of open-source software with cloud computing to offer clients a web solution that included quality software on hardware that could be infinitely upgraded with no capital investment.

Drupal became our preferred content management system for several years due to its flexibility, robustness, and developer centric design. In 2016 we took a step back to re-evaluate the current content management systems landscape, motivated by the complexity and limited backwards compatibility introduced by Drupal 8.0. After significant analysis and crystal balling, we selected WordPress as our primary platform of the future. WordPress had advanced from a blog centric platform to one that supported a full-featured website built with the latest technologies.

In 2017 our new focus on WordPress was well received by many new clients who asked specifically for WordPress. We took the opportunity to combine best practice software development with WordPress built on a cloud platform. To that we added our unrelenting focus on customer service.

WP In The Cloud, our fully managed WordPress hosting solution in the cloud, combines all of our expertise into a service that provides world-class WordPress hosting with hands-on customer service. The end result is our clients have a technology partner that frees them to focus on business rather than managing and maintaining their website and infrastructure.

Eclectic Electric continually strives to offer clients a unique combination of technical expertise, business acumen, impactful design, and customer service.

About Russ Haft

Russ Haft, Eclectic Electric Founder


Eclectic Electric embodies my passion for computer technology that originated when I first saw an IBM System/3 computer in my elementary school homeroom, pre-dating the first commercial personal computer by a decade. Three of my passions intersected as music and photography shifted to the digital realm.

As a software engineer fresh out of college, I learned about hardware-level assembly language programming writing software for Mattel and Atari, two pioneers of the videogame industry. I couldn’t have asked for more – getting paid to program real-time products that incorporated music and graphics. The collaborative skills I learned playing in a jazz band prepared me for management roles and leading teams of developers, artists, and musicians working together to create products enjoyed by millions.

Eventually, I set out to start my first company. For several years we enjoyed developing games and business applications during the early days of personal computing. As small businesses locked in to the competitive advantage microcomputers offered, our focus shifted to networked business applications on desktop computers.

The Internet turned everything upside down with a focus on distributed computing, “always on” connectivity, and new software languages and development tools. An opportunity to consult with a leading digital agency served as my entry-point to a new world of computing and software development methodologies. Since 2008 I’ve been fortunate to work on projects for startups through very large organizations, each offering an opportunity to apply past experiences to a new set of challenges and meet a group of people that share my love for creating products that make people’s lives better.

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