Marc Michel Eyewear

Marc Michel Eyewear Studio exterior

When Marc Michel Eyewear Studio founder Scott Mischel reached out to Eclectic Electric to create their initial website, we gladly accepted the challenge to translate to the web the essence of what has made the optical boutique an iconic member of the Pacific Palisades community for almost 20 years.

Marc Michel Eyewear's exclusive selection of luxury eyewear, their on-site lab, and an obsessive desire to offer the best possible customer experience had to come across on the web as it does in their retail environment.

The biggest challenge creating a website for an iconic local brand was to ensure customers who first visited the website felt at home and familiar with the key aspects of the business the moment they entered the boutique.

Visit Marc Michel Eyewear Studio's website

Capture the in-store presentation of brands and products

Feature photos of the boutique during the day and at night

Showcase the onsite optical laboratory

Feature the Marc Michel Eyewear Studio design aesthetic and color palette

Home page featuring key elements of the store's uniqueness

Easy to discover key brand presentation

Focus on SEO strategy and implementation

Familiarize the visitor with the store's history and key personnel

Setup a custom hosting environment and virtual server in the Amazon Web Services cloud

Monthly software and security updates

24x7 website monitoring

Monthly executive (non-technical) reports covering website status, performance, and analytics