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How Website Management Grows Revenue

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Launching a business website takes a lot of work, but managing one is an even bigger challenge that requires a different set of technical skills than the initial design. If your website is hosted by one of many low-cost services, odds are your website manager is unfamiliar with the benefits fully managed hosting provides. A poorly maintained website drives repeat visitors away which lowers revenue.

Schedule a monthly meeting with your website manager to review the status of your site. Prior to each meeting make sure you have key reports that provide insight into your website’s health.

Ask for a recent website crawl report that lists page errors and page speed timing. Check if your website’s framework and plugins/modules have been updated to the most current security fixes. Review how many minutes of downtime your site experienced the past month. Request an SEO report that shows how your site compares with competitors for clicks from user search engine queries. Ask for analytics that show how users find your site and what they click on once they get there. And don’t forget to ask for a status report detailing daily backups for the past month of the website’s code and database.

A poorly performing site, downtime, stagnant or decreasing traffic, poor search ranking, or lagging software updates are tell-tale signs that your website’s beauty is only skin deep. That’s where Eclectic can help. We offer affordable website management plans customized to your needs. Our WP In The Cloud WordPress managed hosting service provides best-in-class website hosting and management. Let us help with the technical details so you can concentrate on what you do best.

If your website hasn’t had the positive effect on your business that you hoped it would, now’s the time to leverage your website investment into bigger returns with a better performing website.

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